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Friday at Tokyo Broadcasting System 1 temporadas Terminada
When Wakaba was a little girl, Fukui Chuo High School's cheer dancing team JETS won the US championship, the first time ever for a Japanese team. Wakaba was captivated by their performance, and ever since then, she has hoped to become a cheer dancer on the team herself. But she does not pass the school's entrance exam, losing confidence in herself, and winds up at Fukui Nishi High in the next town over, a school mediocre in studies and in sports. There, she spends her days cheering at games as a member of its tiny, weak cheerleading squad. One day, a new student transfers in - Shiori, a headstrong teen from Tokyo. She presses Wakaba to form a cheer dancing team with her, and although Wakaba is taken aback at first, she slowly regains her passion for cheer dance.
  • farah
  • ᴬᴮᴰᵁᴸᴸᴬᴴ ALSHIEKH
  • thaísa
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