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In 1894, 19-year-old immigrant Annie Jermaine sails from Europe to become the housemaid for a wealthy American doctor. Later, Annie shatters social taboos when she marries the doctor's son and trains as a nurse, but she is never allowed to use her medical knowledge because of the belief that patients won't trust a woman. Eventually, over the years, Annie's descendants struggle with prejudices against the women of their time -- her daughter Amanda is a rebellious photo journalist who lives a bohemian lifestyle; Annie's granddaughter Sarah, raised as a debutante, later becomes the lonely wife of a powerful U.S. Senator; and Annie's great-granddaughter Susan grows up as a hippie and becomes a doctor, opening a health clinic for battered women.
  • shadlock
  • Ami Colón-Treyger
  • CarstenBigum
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