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第壹話 予告担当:浅草みどり 1
第貳話 予告担当:水崎ツバメ 2
第參話 予告担当:金森さやか 3
Monday at MBS 1 temporadas Terminada
Midori Asakusa, a girl in a camouflage hat and backpack, likes anime and has a strange imagination. Sayaka Kanamori, a classmate since middle school, is tall, has beautiful legs, and a extraordinary obsession with making money. At school they run into Mizusaki Tsubame, she is a new student that just enrolled to Shibahama High School, she loves anime and aspires to to create one. Shibahama High School has 413 clubs 72 study groups. In little words it's a pretty wild school. Toru Dotonbori, Sowande, Ashima and Wang make up the Student Council. The adventures of Asakusa, Knamori, and Tsubame begins!
  • Maurice Buidepot
  • Temo Navarro
  • jeancoppieters
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