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Some Lives Can't Wait to Be Saved 1
A Young Trainee and the Burden of Life 2
Hostage Situation... Save the Captive Girl! 3
Sunday at TBS 1 temporadas Terminada
Kota Kitami, a brilliant young ER doctor, has been handpicked by Mayor Azusa Akatsuka to head a new emergency response team dubbed TOKYO Mobile Emergency Room, or MER, outfitted with leading-edge medical technology and a large mobile operating theatre to respond to major accidents, natural disasters, and other emergencies. Their mission is simple: Save every life. Team member Nao Otowa, sent by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare on a secret mission, ends up forming a close professional bond with Kota, and together the two men put their lives on the line every day to rescue others. But perhaps there’s more to Kota’s superhuman bravery and self-sacrifice than meets the eye...
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