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初回拡大スペシャル 1
拡大スペシャル 2
コーチ助けて…女子部員の危機!!母の敵をKOせよ!? 3
Thursday at TV Asahi 1 temporadas Terminada
A high school boxing coach who has lost hope of living goes to a life revenge match ...! "A youth ensemble drama that transcends generations" drawn around Kirizawa, the main character who started from the bottom. At first, Kirizawa wasn't enthusiastic about returning to the boxing club of his alma mater, Matsubadai High School as a coach. However, Kirizawa, who was forcibly pushed back by his best friend and teacher who was worried about himself who even said "I can die at any time" and took over as a coach, became sweaty and sanded "I want to be stronger" and "I want to win". As I witnessed the high school students hitting the bags, I realized that "hot things" were gradually revived in myself! While seriously facing high school students who have a blue-smelling fever, colliding with each other, worried and inspiring each other-Kirizawa changes the lost young people, and at the same time, he himself changes.
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