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Pilot 1
Tony Costello, Thomas Sheridan 2
Mitchell Parish, Hermaine Zawacki 3
at ABC (US) 11 temporadas Terminada
Will the real John Doe please stand up? That's the famous catchphrase associated with one of the most enduring games of all time, To Tell the Truth. That's where a team of celebrity panelists attempted to determine which of three contestants is the actual person associated with a story. A team of three people, only one of which is actually associated with a story, introduce themselves. The host relates the person's story through an affidavit (which could be funny, serious, inspirational, having to do with their profession, political activity or cause they were actively involved in, etc.). The celebrity panelists, one at a time, question the three contestants (addressing them as No. 1, No. 2. and No. 3) in an attempt to expose the liars and determine who is telling the truth.
  • Bill Lubyewski
  • hallesdad
  • ianframe
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