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Betas is set in the world of Silicon Valley start-ups and centers on a quartet of under-socialized computer geeks who have designed a killer app that could transform the social lives of about 6 billion people for the better. Now all they have to do is get over their crippling personality flaws and sell their product.
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December 2015

I really wish this show would get a second season. I really loved all the characters and even though it started very similar to Silicon Valley I have to admit that I liked Betas even better !

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March 2014

I couldn't find any subtitles anywhere, could you ? I'm not a native english speaker, so I feel like missing good parts of this show...

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May 2018

On Amazon Prime there are English and German subtitles... but I don't know if this is helpful... just realise that you wrote the comment 4 years ago😂😅

December 2014

Je ne peux pas m'empêcher de faire le parallèle avec Silicon Valley qui est très similaire mais plus drôle, pour le moment..

Non posso fare a meno di fare un parallelo con la Silicon Valley, che è molto simile, ma divertente ancora ..

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February 2016

I realy would love to see a second season...
It is nice to see what developer has to go threw with, when you dream of to be a new mark zuckerberg.

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August 2016

Bit disappointed 'cause I though it would be more like an IT crowd kinda fun but still nice show with some interesting characters.

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January 2015

C'était pas mal, dommage!!

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August 2015

Démarre doucement et reprend la majorité des poncifs de la création de startup IT. Marrant sans être hilarant.

Inizia lentamente e prende la maggior parte dei luoghi comuni che creano IT avvio. Divertente senza essere esilarante.

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