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Amor e Intrigas tells the story of the sisters Alice Pereira (Vanessa Gerbelli) and Valquíria Pereira (Renata Dominguez), from Ouro Preto, Minas Gerais. Valquíria is an ambitious and calculating young woman who doesn't conform to the quiet and simple life of the countryside and, taken by greed, she takes a hit, selling all the machines made by her widowed mother Dilma Pereira (Ângela Leal) with the help of Jacira ( Gorete Milagres), one of the seamstresses, and flees with the money to the city of Rio de Janeiro in search of earning a living, no matter what. Surprised by the blow, Dilma ends up having a heart attack and dies. After her mother's funeral, Alice swears that she's going to make her sister pay for the crime and goes in search of her in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Raquel Euphrasio
  • Jhessyca Farias
  • AsamiHikaru
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