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Part 1: Troublemaker and Defiance 1
Part 2: Spear of the Nation and Total Strategy 2
Part 3: Brains Not Blood and A New World 3
Wednesday at BET 1 stagioni Finita
Madiba is based on two Mandela books, Conversations With Myself and Nelson Mandela by Himself. Named after Madiba, the Thembu clan to which Nelson Mandela belonged, the project tells the story of a younger Nelson Mandela during the early-60s as he deals with the political unrest engulfing South Africa. Shot exclusively in South Africa and on Robben Island, Madiba details the early years of Mandela’s personal journey, and reveals the behind-the-scenes strategizing and bold organizing tactics he and his collaborators used to bring attention to their movement both domestically and internationally.
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May 2017

Super mini série sur l'histoire de Mandela et son combat

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January 2017

It shall be interesting even if Mandela history has been told many times before

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June 2017

Nelson Mandela is a man I have admired for a time that feels like forever. Many times I have been disappointed by the representations of his life on tv but this show was not a disappointment ! It was amazing and really truthful about his life. Besides the actors are really great and it was perfect ! I recommend it to everyone 😊

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September 2017

Hi ,Mandela s fight it's for humanity example is not for all people it's really story of great man on this earth !!!

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September 2017

Salut le combat de Mandela est sans pareil surtout pour le devoir qu'il a depuis son tous jeune âge le bon comportement lui a été favorable ds sa vie ,juste une petite erreur d'avoir voulu attaquer de front l'état en place ce qui a coûté cher à ses proches c'est bien dommage mais comme il dit il y aura toujours des sacrifices dans ce genre de combats

February 2017

Je suis très impatiente de voir cette série alors je n'aurais qu'à une question! A quand la saison en vostfr!!!!!!😢😢😢😢

Sono molto felice di vedere questa serie poi avrei solo una domanda! Quando la stagione vostfr 😢😢😢😢 !!!!!!

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3 replies
March 2017

Foi ótimo ver um pouco dá história desse grande homem que foi o Mandela.

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il mese scorso

Na verdade essa serie tem 6 episódios. então tem um erro ai de colocarem que só tem 3

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