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Chapter 1 (Mary is observed by the angel Gabriel) 1
Chapter 2 (A messenger looks for Mary) 2
Chapter 3 (Joseph is shocked to learn that the bride is pregnant) 3
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After receiving the Annunciation that the son of God was on the way, Mary gives birth to the chosen one and, along with her husband Joseph, creates with values ​​and good principles the chosen young man Jesus, next to the youngest daughter, Diná. The prophecy of the chosen man troubles King Herod, who proceeds to persecute the family, forcing Mary and Joseph to create Jesus as an ordinary young man far from his mission. Over the years, however, the young man understands his role in the world and traverses the peoples taking the teachings of peace and equality along with his twelve apostles: Peter, Matthew, Judas Thaddeus, James Minor, James the Greater, Nathanael, Thomas, Philip, Simon, John and Andrew, besides the jealous and stingy Judas Iscariot. Together with them is the greatest devotee of the chosen one, Mary Magdalene, a former prostitute who saves him from death and who becomes his life companion. Operating miracles wherever he goes and attracting a range of followers, Jesus returns to Jerusalem acclaimed as the King of the Jews, but has to deal with the wrath of many people, such as Herod Antipas, son of Herod. Along with him in the struggle against the chosen is Pontius Pilate, who brings to condemnation the son of God, even with the clement requests of his wife, Claudia, who not only believed in his truth but also prophesied in his dreams the horrors of the world if he was considered a phony. If that were not enough, Jesus still has to deal with the temptations of Lucifer, who undergoes his journey many times and those who surround him in the form of a sensual woman. At the same time there are other stories, such as the passionate Herodias, who had separated from the first husband to marry his uncle, Herod Antipas.
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