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The Starting Line 1
Partners 2
Let the Games Begin 3
Monday at FOX (US) 1 stagioni Finita
Drive follows the lives of a group of Americans racing each other in a sinister and possibly mortal cross-country race. Each has a special reason to compete - and each must win. Among the racers are two brothers in a stolen, pimped-out Cadillac that carries secrets of its own, a man trying to find his missing wife, a scientist and his teenage daughter, and others. No one knows who they're racing or where the finish line is, so anything is possible.
  • Burt B
  • Samantha Ovídio
  • Rodrigo Goulart
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September 2013

Quel frustration de ne pas avoir une fin, enfin une vrai !!!

Che frustrazione di non avere una fine, finalmente una realtà !!!

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July 2016

Uma pena só ter 6 episódios... :( Nathan is the best.

Un vero peccato avere solo 6 episodi ... :( Nathan è il migliore.

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August 2016

I just binged this and have to say that it's epic. Definitely a must watch.

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July 2018

I started watching this solely for Nathan Fillion. I always wondered where the hell the story was going.

Ho iniziato a guardarlo solo per Nathan Fillion. Mi sono sempre chiesto dove diavolo stava andando la storia.

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October 2017

Total waste of time watching it! Just when it's all starting to come together it ends.

Too bad because I liked watching it.

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