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The CW's Top Characters Of 2019 (So Far)

Don't mess with this Cooper. The CW

When you’re looking for a TV show that’s full of drama, mystery, maybe a little bit of murder, otherworldly creatures, and characters who look like they stepped right off the runway, look no further than The CW. The network has made a name for itself by giving us the juiciest shows on television, that are full of so many twists and turns it’s hard to keep up!

We’re now in the middle of premiere week for The CW, which means that a ton of our favorite shows are coming back, along with a few new additional ones as well. As we clear our schedules to once again make Riverdale a priority every single week, let’s take a look at some of our favorite CW characters - some who are still on the air today, while others are off living their best life on the upper west side. Did your favorite character make the cut? Find out below! 

20. Justin Baldoni "Rafael Solano" Jane the Virgin

Jane couldn’t have asked for a better partner than Rafael, because he’s so supportive, kind, giving, and is pretty easy on the eyes.

19. Rose McIver "Liv Moore" iZombie

Sure, she might be undead but Liv is certainly the liveliest lab tech in Seattle.

18. Joseph Morgan "Klaus Mikaelson" The Originals

Klaus isn’t just a vampire or a werewolf — he’s both, making him the Original Hybrid.

17. Madelaine Petsch "Cheryl Blossom" Riverdale

Cheryl continues to amaze us each and every day because there’s nothing she won’t do to help her friends (and come out on top).

16. Danielle Rose Russell "Hope Mikaelson" Legacies

Not only is Hope werewolf royalty, but she’s the first she is the world's first werewolf-witch-vampire hybrid.

15. Emily Bett Rickards "Felicity Smoak" Arrow

As Starling City's resident tech whiz, Felicity has proved herself both in and out of the lab when it comes to helping Oliver.

14. Marie Avgeropoulos "Octavia Blake" The 100

Octavia spent more of her life hidden away (for her safety), but that doesn’t mean when the time comes she’s not a natural-born leader.

13. Bob Morley "Bellamy Blake" The 100

Since Bellamy was a stowaway he wasn’t part of the original 100, but later comes to help co-lead them alongside Clarke.

12. Ed Westwick "Chuck Bass" Gossip Girl

Remember that time Chuck Bass just said “I’m Chuck Bass” as a declaration? Yeah, still thinking about that.

11. Melissa Benoist "Kara Danvers" Supergirl

Early on in the series, Kara is forced to become National City’s flying protector — while also balancing a day job and a personal life, too.

10. Ian Somerhalder "Damon Salvatore" The Vampire Diaries

He’s a bad boy vampire who eventually turns good, which makes him so much more swoon-worthy.

9. Stephen Amell "Oliver Queen" Arrow

As the Hood of Starling City, he’s got to protect those he loves most from some of the worst threats imaginable.

8. Leighton Meester "Blair Waldorf" Gossip Girl

You either wanted to be Blair, or you wanted to be best friends with Blair. She also launched a craze around headbands, because no one could wear them quite like her.

7. Grant Gustin "Barry Allen" The Flash

He’s the fastest man around, but even speed can’t solve all his problems.

6. Gina Rodriguez "Jane Villanueva" Jane the Virgin

We couldn’t have dreamed up a more ending for Jane and her family even if we tried.

5. Jensen Ackles "Dean Winchester" Supernatural

One half of the Winchester siblings and Sam’s older brother, he’s constantly on the lookout for supernatural things and is rarely seen without his 1967 Chevrolet Impala Sport Sedan.

4. Cole Sprouse "Jughead Jones" Riverdale

Jughead is weird. He’s a weirdo. And honestly, that just makes us love him even more.

3. Eliza Taylor "Clarke Griffin" The 100

As one half of the leadership team down on Earth (alongside Bellamy), Clarke has some pretty big decisions to make when it comes to the safety and security of the 100.

2. Elizabeth Gillies "Fallon Carrington" Dynasty

As an energy executive and heiress to an Atlanta energy fortune, Fallon knows how to capture our attention and make an entrance.

1. Lili Reinhart "Betty Cooper" Riverdale

Betty’s the perfect best friend and the girl next door, but don’t cross her. You don’t want to mess with Dark Betty.

*The "The CW's Top Characters In 2019 (So Far)" is based on in-app character votes from 1/1/19-10/8/19.