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Scrub In With The Top 20 Most Watched Medical Dramas

Time to scrub in! ABC

Red alert, folks: a world record has just been broken! While ER used to hold the title of the longest-running primetime medical drama in American television history, the classic series has finally, officially been unseated. Grey's Anatomy just aired its 15th episode of Season 15, with 332 episodes on the air, making it the newest, longest-running medical drama ever. All hail Shonda Rhimes and her unstoppable TV empire!

But aside from Grey's Anatomy and ER, there have been so many other incredible medical dramas (and "dramedies") to grace our TV's over the years. In honor of Grey's Anatomy's newest achievement, we've rounded up TV Time's Top 20 most watched medical dramas from users around the world over the past year.

Scroll through to see if your favorite made the list!

20. Chicago Hope

Chicago Hope walked so Grey's Anatomy could run. 

19. The Mob Doctor

This show is exactly what it sounds like: a doctor is essentially blackmailed into doing off-the-books medical care for the mob. Talk about drama!

18. A Gifted Man

When a self-obsessed, materialistic, hotshot surgeon starts seeing the ghost of his good samaritan wife, it changes his life for the better. 

17. Pure Genius

When Silicon Valley and the medical profession mix, you get equal parts tech, millennials and heartwarming (and heartbreaking) cases. This was the modern update to classic medical dramas.

16. Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman

This Western was the feminist period piece medical drama that started it all!

15. Nurse Jackie

The pill-popping, no-nonsense and rule-breaking Jackie made dysfunction look so good. Plus she saved lives!

14. Nip/Tuck

Ryan Murphy's groundbreaking series pushed the boundaries of what we could see on medical dramas ... and TV! Plus it was just so damn addictive.

13. General Hospital

With over 14,000 episodes in the books, this may actually be the longest-running medical drama ever. But since it's a daytime soap, the qualifications are different. You still can't knock the dedication of soaps!

12. ER

The doctors, the myths, the legends! The outgoing champ is still one of the best medical dramas (and TV shows) to ever exist!

11. The Night Shift

This medical drama told the emotional and real-world stories of vets coming home from war, dealing with PTSD and trying to make a new life for themselves. Plus, who knew that night shifts at hospitals could get so crazy?

10. Hart of Dixie

This charming CW series mixed heart, comedy and medical drama to make one of the most unique shows that's ever been on the air. Just try not to fall in love with the town of Bluebell, we dare you.

9. Private Practice

This Grey's Anatomy spinoff was the Addison Shepherd solo story we needed and deserved.

8. Code Black

If you're not claustrophobic or have anxiety about crowded spaces, then this hectic medical drama is for you! (It's not for everyone.)

7. New Amsterdam

Inspired by NYC's Bellevue, this series is all about a hotshot young doctor trying to shake up the status quo. Will he succeed? His employees don't think so.

6. Scrubs

The original medical comedy that will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Eagle!

5. The Resident

Want to shatter all your romantic beliefs about the medical profession? Are you a realist who scoffs at the more optimistic medical "dramas?" Then this gritty medical show is for you.

4. Chicago Med

Dick Wolf's Chicago universe gets into the medical business, and turns out, he does it well! This may be the best Chicago show there is yet.

3. House

Hugh Laurie's Dr. House may have been a depressed, antagonistic bully but he sure knew how to save lives that no doctor could figure out. You definitely wanted him in your corner. But remember: it's never Lupus.

2. The Good Doctor

This incredible series has been so groundbreaking in showing the realities of not only living with autism but thriving in spite and because of it.

1. Grey's Anatomy

Seriously? Of course Grey's Anatomy, the new MVP, is the reigning champ of this list. Seriously!

2 weeks ago

I was so sad when they canceled Code Black 😭

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