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Open! The door to the other world!! 1
The Legendary ÄRM! Babbo!! 2
Jack! Initiate Battle Shovel!!! 3
at TV Tokyo 4 seasons Ended
MÄR is a 25 minute animation starring Bryce Papenbrook as Jack, David Markus as Various and Michael McConnohie as Babbo. The series premiered on Sun Apr 03, 2005 on TV Tokyo and The Excitement Never Stops (S04E24) last aired on Sun Mar 25, 2007.
  • Isaac
  • Haidan
  • Sebastià Camí Martínez
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September 2015


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August 2015

I think this anime is really good for people that like dream and live in stories that they read, it's an original story for dreamers

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April 2016

C'e poco da dire...poca gente lo conosce e pochi se lo sono cagato,ma cazzo mi ha tenuto incollato allo schermo😍,102 episodi belli e avvincenti e con una bella trama (scacchiera,mar,arm,babbo😂) ecc. Ecc.

There is not much to say ... few people know it and few if I have shit, but fuck kept me glued to the screen😍, 102 episodes beautiful and compelling and with a nice plot (chessboard, mar, arm, babbo😂) etc. Etc.

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May 2017

❤️ Good adventure, friendship, and very excitement! 🤣

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December 2017

Mouais un anime tellement banal que tu peux pas faire plus banal que sa, en plus le dessin pour du 2005-7 j'ai deja vu beaucoup mieux et la 3D sur les monstres ajoutés qui est moche. J'en avais mär de le regarder jusqu'à la fin.

Yeah an anime so banal that you can not do more banal than his, in addition to drawing for the 2005-7 I already saw much better and the 3D on the monsters added that is ugly. I had to watch him until the end.

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November 2018

MÄR ou marchen awakens romance est un shonen banale qui a rien d’exceptionnel fais pour des enfants comme sont nom l'indique c'est un monde compte de fée avec de la romance malheureusement la romance est pas intéressante et sers a rien mal exploité.
Les combat dure 10 -20 secondes et sont ennuyeux voir très mal animé graphiquement le dessin est moche : la 3D est horrible.
La majorité des épisodes se ressembles et servent a rien.
L'humour est pas drole du tout .
Les OP/ED ost sont pas intéressant voir sans plus.
Pour du 2005-2007 il existe pleins de shonen beaucoup mieu.
L'animé n'as pas de fin et en plus le dernier épisode nous montre que les + 100 épisodes qu'on a vu servent a rien.
Je le déconseillé a tout le monde et je comprend pas comment un animé de +100 épisodes peut avoir autant d'épisodes alors que des animé beaucoup plus intéressant ont a peine 12 épisodes.

MÄR or marchen awakens romance is a banal shonen that is nothing exceptional for kids as its name suggests it's a fairy-tale world with romance sadly romance is not interesting and serves nothing badly exploited.
The fight lasts 10 -20 seconds and is boring to see very badly animated graphically the drawing is ugly: the 3D is horrible.
The majority of episodes are similar and useless.
Humor is not funny at all.
OP / ED ost are not worth seeing without more.
For 2005-2007 there are plenty of shonen much better.
The anime has no end and in addition the last episode shows us that the more than 100 episodes we saw are useless.
I do not advise everyone and I do not understand how an animated +100 episodes can have as many episodes while animated much more interesting have just 12 episodes.

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March 2019

My favourite.
Without a doubt.

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