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Hold Me Tonight... The Younger Male and Female Teacher in the Thirties of Forbidden Love... Starts 1
Liar's Lip 2
Lovers Who Are Witnessed When Having Affairs 3
Friday at TV Asahi 1 temporadas Terminada
Contemporary dancer Taira Kei's talent emerged at a young age and he went to study in Germany in his teens. Called the "young genius", he even won an international championship. But Kei did not fulfill his ambition. His dream suffered setbacks. Kei has now returned to Tokyo and has been working part-time order to take another shot at his dream. He takes great pride in dancing and will never accept half measures. That is why he earns a living by manual labour. Although he used to be full of ambition, he has been frustrated with himself for seemingly wasting away ever since he returned to Japan. At that moment, he falls in love with Nishihara Yui, an older teacher at a prestigious girls high school. He easily clears numerous hurdles with his youth and a boldness which is uncharacteristic for a Japanese, and starts to sway Yui's sense of values. -- Jdrama Weblog
  • Lêka
  • Érica Lopes
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