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Thursday at SABC1 3 temporadas Terminada
Acclaimed drama series following a group of Boers during some critical events in South Arican and Afrikaner history. The first series is set mainly on St. Helena and follows the fate of the Boer prisoners-of-war of Deadwood Camp. Among them is Sloet Steenkamp, a Cape Rebel who had his death sentence commuted to a life-sentence on St. Helena. But for Sloet, life behind a barbed-wire fence is a fate worse than death, and from the outset he plans to escape and return to his wife and farm. He soon finds his nemesis in Captain James Kerwin, a charming British officer who is detested by the Boers but adored by the two young woman on the island: governor's daughter Jo-Ann Wilks and Princess, the beautiful daughter of a local fisherman. In the second series the war has ended and the Boers have returned to the mainland - but not necessarily to freedom. Here we meet new characters, including Meisie, who has been left unable to speak by a traumatic experience, and her mother Cornelia, who has sworn revenge. The third series introduces the Dorsland Trek. Sloet and his friends decide to shake the yoke of British rule and trek across the Kalahari desert in the hopes of finding freedom across the borders of South Africa. The three series won numerous awards and were distributed in about 12 other countries, including Poland, Spain, Taiwan and Japan, under the name Cape Rebel. A film version of Arende was produced from scenes from the first series.
  • Carine Rossouw
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