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Jack-In! MegaMan! 1
Subway Scramble! 2
Traffic Signal Chaos! 3
Daily at The WB 5 temporadas Terminada
The year is 200X, and everything electronic is connected by internet. In this world, there is no one, rich or poor, who does not own a PET (Personal Terminal), and there is not one PET that does not house a NetNavi, an AI Unit that has the power to delete Viruses and the like. Net Battles (where Operators battle their NetNavis) are popular in this era. That is where Lan Hikari and his NetNavi and best friend, Megaman come in. Striving to become the best NetBattlers, they fight Net Crime and protect the net and real world alike from the likes of the evil terrorist organization the World 3.
  • Isaac
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  • Pyre Fyre
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