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Pilot 1
A Night at the Gashole 2
Po-Piggity and Other Racial Slurs 3
at FOX 1 temporadas Terminada
Welcome to the Ryan Caulfield: Year One guide at TV Tome. Ryan Caulfield is a young cop. A young cop. 19 in fact. He works in one of the most violent sections of Philadelphia. He could have gone to college, but chose the cop route (possible because his father, a former cop, is in prison). Susser is his veteran partner who has nicknamed Ryan "Mo". Veras is another rookie who is Ryan's friend. They report to Sgt. Palmero and cool Lt. Vaughn, who runs the precinct.Vic was Ryan's best friend who is bright but decided to work at a gas station. H was another nerdy pal who works in his family's plumbing business. Ryan shared his stories of the difficulty of the inner city in a voice over.
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