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In Safe Hands 1
Jumping the Gun 2
Come to the Aid of the Party 3
Friday at ITV 3 stagioni Finita
Russell Millburn (Peter Davison) works for a brewery. When the company decide to relocate him he’s told that he’ll have to move to Workington in order to keep his job. Not wanting to relocate he decides to set up in business himself. However things are never as straight forward as they seem as Russell’s wife Penny (Patricia Hodge) decides to resume her Army career as a captain in the Women’s Royal Army Corps, leaving Russell to look after their baby daughter Emma during the day, whilst she goes out to work. Russell enlists the help of his friend Fitzroy, or “Fitz” (Matthew Kelly), who only adds to the problem with his encouragment of Russell’s enthusiasm for football, pacifism and beer.

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