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Turnabout - Pilot episode 2
Penny's Old Boyfriend 3
We're a Little Late, Folks 4
Friday at NBC 1 stagioni Finita
Welcome to the Turnabout guide at TV Tome. The updated plot follows the classic 1930's novel by Thorne Smith (also author of Topper, etc.) fairly well. A 1940 movie was made as well, though it had the voices switching bodies along with their personalities. The characters in the series are similar, although they have been renamed and modernized for a society 50 years in the future of the original novel and movie. Their neighbors, coworkers and jobs are new creationsfor the TV series, but remain in the general style of the prior source material. Penny wishes her life were more like hubby Sam's. And he wishes much the same about his wife. Each thinks the other has the easier life and both wish one night that they could be each other, to have an easier life. Of course dreams don't come true, especially idle ones! Or do they??? Unfortunately, Penny bought a small statuette from a gypsy, unaware that it had the power to grant wishs. As fast as you can say "presto-chango,
  • rjames1094
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