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How the Universe Works is a 40 minute documentary starring Mike Rowe as Host, Erik Dellums as Host and Michio Kaku as Himself. The series premiered on Sun Apr 25, 2010 on Science Channel and Cassini's Final Secrets (S07E10) last aired on Tue Mar 12, 2019.
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June 2014

one of the most interesting series about the universe, a shame people doesnt watch those scientific series more....

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March 2018

Discovery Science Channel yet not replaced all science programs because of this name, but in Discovery channel you see more and more reality programs.

November 2015

One of my favorite all-time shows. I've watched every episode multiple times. I'm obsessed!

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January 2018

I am always so happy for a new season of How the Universe Works! I own every season. My granddaughter and I watch it together frequently, and I love how much she loves it. Her first full spoken sentence/paragraph was while we were watching the episode "Volcanoes," and she excitedly told us all about Io, Jupiter, Neptune, and how they're all in "ower" space. 😂 Now that she's 7, our discussions about the show are much more mature, and she learns so much from this show, often asking for more. This series has become our thing. When she says that she wants Gramma Time, she usually means, "Let's watch'How the Universe Works'!"

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March 2018

You made it sound so tempting. I’ll start watching it. I only wonder how come this show has a very poor watching scale, although it’s highly rated.

March 2018

teacherq8 All the documentaries have a poor watching scale. (Aside from some heavily advertised Netflix docs, some of which are not great quality IMNSHO.) NOVA has a low watch scale as well on these apps, yet it's still going strong. I think that most people using apps like this are simply more into drama, comedy, etc. Sometimes I get a bit lonely in the comments sections of the documentaries. 😂

March 2018

This is on Discovery Science, but I dropped cable a few years ago, so I bought all the seasons on Amazon. Two or three seasons are available with an Amazon Prime subscription.

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February 2016

Amazing show. Love it so much. I'm glad i came across this.

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May 2017

Should be shown in schools. Very fascinating stuff.

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February 2017

someone said these episodes are just CGI, Just CGI. Just CGI

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August 2018

If you love science, space and astronomy this is the series for you.
Very interesting.
Taking high level of astrophysics ideas and make them understandable for the common people.
Highly recommended.

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February 2019

This series is so well done. Not sure how they pay for this high quality in a science program. But if you have any interest whatsoever in the latest information summarized in the most simplistic, easy to understand, graphically pleasing, entertaining and beatifully detailed way, this is the one to watch. Narrated by Mike Rowes smooth voice.

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