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at ABC (US) 1 seasons Ended
Last Resort is a 45 minute drama starring Daisy Betts as Lieutenant Grace Shepard, Andre Braugher as Capt. Marcus Chaplin and Scott Speedman as XO Sam Kendal. The series premiered on Thu Sep 27, 2012 on ABC (US) and Controlled Flight Into Terrain (S01E13) last aired on Thu Jan 24, 2013.
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July 2015

After reading some reviews, I did not expect this show to be any good. But I was very surprised! For pure entertainment value this is one of the best series there has been in a long long time. I loved the pilot and loved the second episode. Yes, there will always be critics due to the fact there are many errors in terminology and naval procedures, but if they made everything too realistic it wouldn't be great entertainment which this is for sure. This is similar to "The Last Ship", but far better on a much smaller budget. Actually, "The Last Ship" was also criticized for lack of realism with regards to military procedures and technology...

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November 2017

I agree

February 2018

I watched this in 2018, knowing it was cancelled and only 13 episodes. But you know what? It was really FUN and entertaining. I loved it. At no point it felt like they had given up on the show - every episode was full of action and twists till the last minute. The story had an ending, with no cliffhangers.

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January 2013

Tres bon pilote et puis apres ca tourne en rond ,ca rame... Et puis serie annuler...

Very good driver, and then turning around after ca ca train ... And then cancel serie ...

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October 2013

Franchement cette série n'est pas au niveau. Parfois il y a de bons épisodes, mais d'autres fois c'est très brouillon et sans grand intérêt. Pas étonnant qu'elle n'ai pas été prolongée.

Frankly this series is not level. Sometimes there are good episodes, but other times it is very rough and without interest. No wonder she was not extended.

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April 2015

C'est vraiment une série super ça change de voir les États Unis avec des défauts que de les voir sans arrêt parfait. En plus pour une série annulée la fin n'est pas mystérieuse d'habitude on se demande toujours ce qui va se passer ensuite. J'ai vraiment adoré !

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July 2017

I had to give it a shot since it is summer break and I am pretty much out of tv shows, and also they're some freaking good looking sailors in this show so...😁
I knew it got cancelled, so I expect half and ending: since no one is telling anything here, I will: there is an ending. Sort of. You have answers, let's say 80% of them. The rest you can deduce or imagine and. Isa days that is really something for cancelled shows!
The action scenes are the best in this show and that is what we (I) came here right? It was shot in beautiful Hawaii, so the landscape are amazing.
At first I really enjoyed the characters processing, but it got confusing towards the end. Maybe it is because they knew they wouldn't have a second season so they wanted to put verging they had but they should have stick to the essential. The sub, the crew, the politics. The rest was just useless and again confusing.
The politics really were interesting, and looked promising for a season two and if you want to enjoy yourself for this kind of show, you will!
In my opinion, Last Ship started way worse than this one: it was all what you expect of cliches about an American military show: republican to vomit,etc... and it got better afterwards.
This show is a much more balanced and show that so-called heroes aren't the one we think, and even SEALs for instance are very well aware of the façt that they are instruments in political wars in a shitty world: that is pretty rare in US television.

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July 2013

Depuis USS Alabama. Ca me manquais les sous marins. Juste excellent!!!!

Since USS Alabama. It missed me submarines. Just excellent!!

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December 2013

Très bonne série américaine comme on les aimes mais je ne comprend pas comment elle a pu être arrêter ce qui donne une fin bâcler en 5 minute ...

Very good American series as we love them but I do not understand how it could be stop giving a rush end in 5 minutes ...

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January 2018

‏بطولة (سكوت سبيدمان) يتكلم عن الحرب بين امريكا وباكستان ويتم امر قائد الغواصه بأن يطلق صاروخ على باكستان وبعد ان ينقذ الجنود الامريكان الذين هربو للبحر من باكستان ويخبرو القائد الغواصه بأنه لايوجد خطر من باكستان ف يرفض انر اطلاق الصاروخ ف تعلنه امريكا انه خائن
‏بعد ان تعلن الولايات المتحده الامريكيه ان الغواصه ومن عليها خونه يقرر قائد الغواصه بأن لايعود لشواطىء امريكا ويلتجىء لجزيره ليستطيع ان يثبت برائته وانه امر بطلاق صاروخ على دوله لاتشكل تهديد ع امريكا
المسلسل جميل جداً انصح بمتابعته
المسلسل متوقف وسبب التوقيف سياسي 🌹☕️ تقييمي 🔟

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April 2018

طريقة متابعة المسلسلات مباشره وغير مباشره محمله تورينت ع حسابي بتويتر

February 2013

La fin clotûre proprement la série. On moins on reste pas sur sa faim. Et pour une fois qu'une série US traite de la toute-puissance américaine tournant vinaigre, ça vaut le détour! A voir!

The end properly fence the series. It is still not less hungry. And once a U.S. series deals with the American omnipotence turning vinegar, it's worth it! To see!

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August 2013

Quelqu'un peut dire comment ça se termine?
Parce que je n'ai pas eu le courage de suivre, trop long, trop lent, trop irréaliste.

Can someone tell how it ends?
Because I did not have the courage to follow, too long, too slow, too unrealistic.

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May 2014

Ce fut vraiment une excellente série, du début jusqu'à la fin.

It was really a great series, from beginning to end.

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May 2015

Buen comienzo, interesante, linda novedad, pero con poco futuro, el mismo argumento hace que la serie tenga tema para una sola temporada. Habría que ser muy creativo para seguir esta historia. Salvo que le pongan una bomba a la isla y aparezcan todos navegando en el triángulo de las Bermudas o no sé, un viaje al pasado quizá? ...En fin, final obligado, apresurado, demasiado militar, de héroes y patriotas que dejan todo por su país y bla bla bla. Malísimo. Buuuu buuuu, "la bola en la ingle, es la bola en la ingle" ...😂👎

Good start, interesting, cute novelty, but with little future, the same argument that the series does have theme for a single season. It would have to be very creative to follow this story. Unless you put a bomb on the island and display all sailing in the Bermuda Triangle or something, maybe a trip to the past? ... Anyway, must end, hasty, too military, heroes and patriots who leave everything for his country and bla bla bla. Lousy. Buuuu buuuu, "the ball in the groin, is the ball in the groin" ... ??

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September 2015

War leider nicht so überzeugt. Habe ich gleich nach ein paar folgen die ich gesehen habe gleich wieder verkauft. 😏 kein Wunder das die Serie abgesetzt wurde 😃

Unfortunately was not so convinced. Am I right after a few episodes that I have seen the same resold. ? no wonder that the series was canceled ?

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February 2016

Worth watching it even though it only had one season. They still ended it pretty nicely. Surprised they didn't get another season, show was really interesting and cool.

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November 2016

Very good show, sadly it get canceled so they were forced to end it and the last episodes are bad,otherwise it is very nice, especially the first episodes

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July 2017

بعطيك ايااها من الاخر لاتتردد وتابع المسلسل راح تستمتع

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May 2018

المسلسل متوقف ولا له مواسم اخرى ؟

September 2017

Watching this after seeing Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Captain Holt is very weird 😂🙈

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